New Look 6901 Top and Portland Sewing A-line Skirt


This is the second time I’ve made this New Look 6901 top. I love the cowl neck design. This time, I made it sleeveless, and used a double knit jersey material. Using the thicker double knit helped this pattern, because the facing isn’t long enough, so on a thinner material, the bottom of the facing sometimes flips forward. All in all, I love this pattern, and I’m sure that I will be making more knit tops with it.

This skirt is an A line skirt that I made from the Portland Sewing class called Beginning Sewing 1. It focuses on teaching you good fundamental sewing techniques, and is a 4 day class in which you sew this A line skirt. There is a centered zipper in the back, and a facing on the inside. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I personally like A line skirts a lot, and I think that with the paper fitting that we did in class, the fit turned out quite nicely.


About Karen

Karen first took sewing classes in middle school, but took a break until her husband bought her a sewing machine a few years back. Her MIL taught her how to quilt, and recently, she started making clothes again. Karen is taking sewing classes at Portland Sewing. She took Beginning Sewing 1 2 and 3 in summer 2011, Patternmaking 1 and 2 in Fall 2011, and is currently taking Textiles.

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