Sewing Plan for 2012


After reading the inspiring Colette Sewing Handbook I decided to actually analyze my wardrobe, and to plan out what items I should sew, instead of buying random fabric and patterns. Instead of making pieces that will not ever get worn, I want to focus on wardrobe basics that I will wear every week. I decided that I like bold and graphic styles with simple silhouettes. The color palette that I’ve chosen for this year is:


And the clothes that I would like to sew are:


Right now, I’m working on my first pair of jeans ever, and they are self drafted from the book
Building Patterns the Architecture of Women’s Clothing
And I just bought some purple denim, and will be joining the jeans contest at Sewing Pattern Review!

Jeans Contest


About Karen

Karen first took sewing classes in middle school, but took a break until her husband bought her a sewing machine a few years back. Her MIL taught her how to quilt, and recently, she started making clothes again. Karen is taking sewing classes at Portland Sewing. She took Beginning Sewing 1 2 and 3 in summer 2011, Patternmaking 1 and 2 in Fall 2011, and is currently taking Textiles.

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