One week, one pattern challenge


OWOP! I’ll be joining the one week one pattern challenge, where you pick one sewing pattern, and wear your creations styled different ways for one whole week, from Saturday 24th to Friday 30th March 2012.

I’m thinking of using the Colette Clover pants, since I’ve already made 2 pairs, and am currently working on my 3rd, a pair of denim trousers with a front fly. Since it’s winter right now, I definitely like wearing pants more than dresses or skirts, although I do have a dress on today with tights. It will be interesting trying to style the pants in different ways.


About Karen

Karen first took sewing classes in middle school, but took a break until her husband bought her a sewing machine a few years back. Her MIL taught her how to quilt, and recently, she started making clothes again. Karen is taking sewing classes at Portland Sewing. She took Beginning Sewing 1 2 and 3 in summer 2011, Patternmaking 1 and 2 in Fall 2011, and is currently taking Textiles.

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